Saturday, July 24, 2010

Daily Departmental Refresher Training

The right way to start off the work day is to communicate the importance of safety in the work place. This only has to be a 2-5 minute all department refresher. Talking about a Near Miss, Near Hit, a violation or an Incident.

Don't be afraid to refreshing things up a bit. Many times, I met with staff and talked about Safety in the Home. Let's be for real for a minute, if you staff member decided to be unsafe at home it will effect your organization as well.

Another concept is to have each person take an active role in the daily communication. This will give them ownership, keep things fresh and you will usually learn something from it

Make this a fun time, help everyone relax and be open about their participation. Don't let it turn out to be a bitch session, but get real feed back and act on it rapidly.
This puts your money where your mouth is and it will go along way for letting everyone know that Safety is really #1 in the workplace and not some slogan on a banner the walk by.

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