Friday, July 23, 2010

Safety Ideas for the workplace

When you have new employees in your factory, try this concept out. This practice was extremely beneficial and it works.

Find arm bands in 3 color's.

I used Red (for the new employee) Have them wear this arm band for the first 2 days regardless of their training or qualifications. Have them continue to wear the band until they have been full trained at their work station and of the safety requirements for their job and factory. This includes emergency evacuation locations.

I used Yellow (for the same employee once trained at their work station.) They will wear this arm band for the completion of their introductory period.

And Finally I used Green (for the lead or trainer)

New employees were instructed to communicate with any person with a green arm band if they had questions about anything at the workplace.

All employees were instructed to assist any employee with a red or yellow band and help them find the restrooms, break rooms, and any thing else they might need help with. Especially to keep an extra eye on them to ensure they did not do anything unsafe.

I was amazed on how well this was accepted by all and it made it a great way for upper management to notice new people and thus allowed them to make an effort to greet these employees.

Like anything else in Manufacturing. KISS and Visual Ques take the guess work out your day. I have many other practices that worked well, give this a try. and let me know how it worked for you.

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